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Trustworthy Charities to Donate To

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Trustworthy Charities to Donate To

In recent years, journalists uncovered the fact that several well-known charities were using a large percentage of the money they raise for administration and – you guessed it —fundraising. Although adverse publicity has since forced those particular charities to revamp their allocation of funds, the scandal has left donors wondering whether or not they can trust the organizations that are asking for their support.
In fact, much information about legitimate charities can be found online from reputable websites. If you want to look at financial information dating back several years, make sure that the organization has a charitable number or contact information. You can also view Canada Revenue Agency’s charity list. By contrasting and comparing budgets, programs, and administration costs of various charities, you can decide which organizations are the most efficient.

Solution-Based Programs

When you evaluate programs, look for initiatives that plant the seeds of solution to the problems they combat. For example, Nepal has a severe problem with human trafficking. Between 12,000 and 14,000 young girls (aged 9 through 15) are taken from their lives each year, and trafficked to India to work as slaves or prostitutes. How would you combat this terrible problem? There are many possible approaches, including lobbying governments to crack down on this illegal multi-billion dollar industry, helping to rescue and rehabilitate the girls who have been trafficked, and raising awareness of the issue internationally. A small Canadian charity called Global Family does all of these with an initiative called the "Daughter Project.” DP clubs work to publicize the plight of trafficking victims, raise money for rescue and rehabilitation, and lobby for stricter regulations.
However, what makes this a great project is the fact that the Daughter Project also works to prevent trafficking. Local volunteers identify poor and at-risk girls who are then invited to join clubs that provide information about health, hygiene, and the dangers posed by traffickers. These clubs also build community and self-esteem, teach the girls social skills, and help them to plan for their futures. Girls who complete the 44-part curriculum are far less likely to fall prey to human traffickers.

It’s Personal

Of course, analyzing finances and program efficiency is only part of the process of choosing which charity to support. Charitable giving is an ancient custom that goes to the core of our experience and personality. Maybe the loss of someone close to you will inspire you to place your resources with a charity that fights cancer or works to prevent suicides. Perhaps a lifelong love of animals will lead you to support charities that care for unwanted pets or conserve wildlife habitat. Or maybe documentary footage of refugee children will compel you to work to alleviate the suffering of the vulnerable.
If you have unanswered questions regarding any of the organizations you’re evaluating, don’t be afraid to call the contact number and talk to a staffer. Sometimes, making personal contact can help you decide which organization is the right fit for you.
Give wisely, and help to make our world a better place through trustworthy charities to donate to!

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